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We love Western Sydney and especially its people but there is more.

It has taken a long time for the outside world to understand this important part of Sydney.

Many have found it hard to understand why people would want to live away from the Harbour and the main Sydney CBD.

What they did not understand was the strength of family in Western Sydney.

Why is family so important in the west and how did it happen?

How it happened is easy to answer. It is space. Space to provide more affordable housing and space for business development.

This gives people have a generous place to live and ample employment opportunities. So much so that Western Sydney is the second largest economy in Australia.

The 2000 Sydney Olympics was, the major catalyst for change. The Sydney the Olympics, held in Western Sydney, showcased what Sydney could achieve.

The Olympics exposed Western Sydney to the world and a new aspect of our much loved Sydney.

Don’t get me wrong, all Sydney is a great place to live and visit. Western Sydney’s appeal is that it does not revolve around the harbour and the ocean beaches.

It’s more family! It’s friendly and welcoming.

Western Sydney has a massive collection of attractions and things to do. Up until the recent past these were mostly overlooked, but that has changed.

No matter what your interests – sport, culture, history, fine foods, nature, shopping, entertainment or relaxing I bet that Western Sydney will impress you.

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To get you started here are just some of our favourites…

Sydney Olympic Park

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Westfield Parramatta

Penrith Lakes

Rosehill Racecourse

Bents Basin Conservation Area

Western Sydney Parklands

Sydney Zoo

Eating out in Cabramatta

Penrith Museum of Printing

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