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Display Editorials in both the NSW Visitor Guide and Sydney Visitor Guide is easy and very cost effective.

You could have a display editorial like this for $6.60 per week.


It’s easy because we do all the work for you!
We will create your ad for FREE from the material you supply or our own sources.

Then all you have to do is approve the work and tell us when to start.

There is no need for you to upload images, try to come up with a headline or write and copy.

COST EFFECTIVE – less than $1 a day

For less than $1 a day you can have your display ad on either of our sites.

The cost is $6.60 a week inc GST. There is no setup cost and production is free for a Display Editorial like the Cole House example above. Minimum 13 weeks = $85.80

You can pick the section that’s best for your business providing it is available. All sections can be purchased at $6.60 a week except for the front page. Positions within each section are allocated on a first come best spot basis.

Buy both the Sydney and NSW guides at the same time and get both for a total of $9.90 a week.

Editorial Packages – sponsored content.
Sponsor your editorial content on the category page of your choice MORE INFO


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