Capital of South West Sydney

Liverpool was founded in 1810 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie.
Liverpool is one of the oldest urban settlements in Australia and was originally an agricultural centre. It became a very productive district and being on the headwaters of the Georges River it also became a transportation centre which was enhanced when the railway between Sydney and Melbourne was built in 1850. At the same time, gold was discovered at Ophir near Orange and the colony was booming.
Liverpool enjoyed its rural and horticultural enterprises for another 100 years.
In the 1950s things began to change.
This is when a collision commenced between Sydney’s urban sprawl and Liverpool’s rural idle began. For many years Liverpool was neither here nor there. Was it a distant suburb or a rural town?

© Photo by Mark Zamora 

Now Liverpool, the CITY of Liverpool that is, has evolved into a culturally diverse vibrant hub for the region and is the major city centre of South Western Sydney.
Liverpool is laid out similarly to Melbourne with many little laneways and arcades. Macquarie Street is the main thoroughfare with numerous small cafes and interesting little stores. The Westfield Shopping Centre is a huge attraction in its own right with over 340 stores and services.
The CBD is one of the largest in Sydney and will become more important as it is centred around the Western Sydney Airport and aerotropolis.

Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Casula Parklands
Chipping Norton Lakes
Historic Collingwood House
Pioneers Memorial Park
Liverpool Regional Museum

Main photo by Chantel Bann; Courtesy of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre.

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